Is it really important to design a complexed website

Or will a plain website like this suffice.

Welcome to Plain Site where we talk about Web Design and Brand Identity and try and answer the question is a simple site better that some all singing and dancing high tech ecommerce solution for getting your message across?

A typical web designer's message is We’re not just interested in building web sites… we’re interested in building web sites that make our clients’ businesses more successful.

But is flash, animation and video really necessary. If you would like to join in this debate or you have any articles you would like to publish on web design SEO etc, please email me at editor@plainsite.co.uk

Web Design - Usability and SEO-Friendly


The idea of Web Design has changed quite a bit in recent years. In the early days of the Internet, everyone was playing around with web design. A person with a bit of knowledge of HTML codes could put together a nice looking website in a couple of nights work. In some ways that has not changed. It still is easy to make your own website, and millions of people are doing it. However, the wide spread use of the Internet for commercial purposes has created a demand for something that goes beyond just the simple construction of an attractive site.

If your site is intended to generate business, then it must have traffic. In what is called the brick and mortar businesses, traffic is important. If you have a store located on a back street out of sight, you have to find other ways to let people know it is there in order to generate customers. A website that no one can find is like a store building on a back street. No one will see it, and it will get no traffic.

The way that a site becomes seen is by coming up high on search engine optimisation. This is the essential element in proper design. The methods that enable a site to have a high search engine ranking are known as SEO. This is search engine optimization. The techniques of search engine optimization are not the kind of things that amateur web designers can master quite as easily as they could create a simple site. They include such things as link building. Link building is the placement of links on other sites that point users back to your site. The number and quality of the links that do point back to your site is one of the most important criteria used by search engines to rank your site.

It has to be understood that even when your site is intended to be specific, it must still have search engine optimization. For example, if your site is a London based mortgage company, it is still going to rank high on a search engine when that is the criteria entered on the search. Halifax web design or mortgage web design must consider SEO-friendly principles in order to rank high even on such specific searches. The most important fact in the generation of high traffic levels is that people will tend to visit the highest ranked sites that come up on a search engine list. If you want to generate traffic to your site and your business, you must give consideration to SEO principles in the web design.


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